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Intergenerational Transfer of Wealth (ITOW) and the Ageing Population Project

Currently, the ITOW project is gathering information from across the Commonwealths' states and territories and compiling an easy, user friendly source for practitioners and academics alike. The Law Reform Commission demands change and uniformity across Australia in regards to succession law and this website is the starting point on achieving that goal.

About ELRI

The Economics & Law Research Institute (ELRI) is a small research organisation that seeks to bring about big changes in the community. ELRI focuses on research into the dynamic between the performance of an economy, its relevant laws, legal structures and systems and tax regimes.

ELRI aims to raise the awareness nationally and internationally as a leading research institution in the Asia Pacific region in all aspects of commerce, its structures, the laws affecting its regulation and its taxation, to focus on the way in which commercial structures, the relevant laws and taxation outcomes affect and are affected by commercial activities, to raise for comment and debate ways in which each can or should be modified or improved to create the environment for better business outcomes and to assist in the development of Australia’s national wealth and to promote the harmonisation of laws and the strengthening of market economies throughout the Asia Pacific region.

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