Enduring Power of Attorney Problems Persist

Enduring Powers of Attorney Crisis

Enduring power of attorney problems persist as this article shows in The Australian on 5 October 2015. Will this ever increasing social problem continue to go unchecked? This problem was highlighted by ELRI back in December 2012: see the report on this website.

A preliminary discussion paper was produced then by ELRI and is now included on this website to again highlight what ELRI sees as a serious, pressing problem. It has family relationship impacts, financial affairs impacts and ultimately wider cost burdens on the community. Relevant organisations which should be leading the way to reform seem to be just uninterested.

ELRI is of the view that these organisations are failing in their duty to the wider community to get stuck into this problem.

With the ageing population ever expanding, why do they do nothing? If they are doing something, what and where is it? ELRI hopes that, by including the preliminary paper on this website, those organisations may break out of their lethargy.

Download PDF: ELRI Enduring Powers of Attorney Report